At 3495 should I hold?

I was at the same number 2 games ago and hit the same number again after a loss then a win. Do I hold and get the 8500 mt or do I press on? Seems about as close to 3500 without earning Monroe I can get on my journey to Vince carter.

I would hold, Earl Monroe doesn’t seem worth it

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I agree. I mean I want to make the next rounds less sweaty but i know if I hit PD twice you can usually make it to PD for the season if you have 2 good rounds in diamond

Yea I’m gonna good off for the 8500 as well

After playing 24 games and going 18-6, my mental state has taken a beating. Time to chill lol

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I think I would. I’m at 3400 and will do the same depends how these next few games go.

How many points do you need total in all rounds for Vince?

14000 so 3500 is the mark. I’m 5 points off lol. It’s like it’s intentionally keeping my point total just below the goal. If you make it to pink diamond you generally don’t hit it right at 3500. Therefore if I hit pink diamond next round I’ll be on track

How many points do you start off with at PD next round?

Sorry this is my first supermax grind.

I believe it gives you around 1500? I’m guesstimating but it’s somewhere around that mark

I don’t think so, I’ve started with higher than that without hitting PD. Preseason plays a factor too though I think

It may be 2000

Yeah it’s higher than that. I started with more in gold tier.

Those of you with incredible records… what do you do when the EQ is kicking in? Obviously you guys probably still run stacked teams but you can counter the EQ and ensure victory. I’m a good player but I fall victim to the EQ at times. Sometimes multiple games in a row. Outside of SM I win over 75% of my online matches. Advice on combatting it…? :pray:

I just try to slow it down and play excellent defense. I throw different looks constantly and timing is everything when double teaming and going zone. 2-3 is a god send. I still lose 1:4 but I think that sounds pretty decent. I beat top ranked players about 50:50. I do have a stacked team. The last game I played was clearly eq but I did hit a game winner at the buzzer in OT with MJ. Sometimes it comes to just hanging in there

I’ve defintiely hung in and overcome crazy deficits. It’s always nice when they loosen the vice grip that’s been on your nuts from tip-off lol

So just patient offense? Do you find that open mids drop even when your long range open looks are virtually guaranteed to miss? I’ll think okay, time to slow it down and get easy buckets at the rim… next thing I know guys are closing 7 feet of space on the air and blocking every dunk from behind with their shoulders or some stupid shit. Lol

If I find that my guys just simply cannot hit the open 3 or I get an O board to a kick out and miss that wide open as well, it’s time to hit them with a pump fake or back up and call a money play. You could also let your freelance trigger but that’s the games momentum stating you aren’t getting an easy bucket here. Slow it dowwnnn is what it’s saying lol. It’s easy to fall in the push the pace trap. If you pace yourself and make easy shots then you will generally see a shift in that momentum and those open shots just start splashing. Don’t get me started on road games… I swear there’s an advantage because I’ve started tracking home to road losses and it’s not even close for me. 5 of my 6 losses were on the road. Sure I won a lot on the road but i was nearly undefeated at home

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Also your playbook means everything in this game imo unless you are a 5 out off ball cheese bum. Not saying you are personally but I don’t dare resort to that. Plus I’m crushing that style now

I actually will not 5 out. I know how to even with a regular playbook but I won’t do it. I run the hawks now. PM me your playbook and approach to 5 out if you don’t mind. I truly want to actually win this season’s reward card. I love VC.

I downgraded some diamonds to Amy and I noticed that toned down the equalizer and never running 2 pd’s at once. Amy mj w/ a shoe is an equalizer god, the eq doesn’t effect him and boosts him for some reason. Also, when the 3’s start missing I’d
Run fist 92 side and try to get easy dunk at the rim