Assuming we get Shaq tomorrow or next week

What diamond player you guys think we’re gonna get with him it’s been prettt weird the choices that have been going with guys


penny or wade

Pd kobe

GO Chris Dudley


We need a penny or wade so bad smh

Diamond penny would be nice but judging by most the diamond they release he will prolly only have 1-2 hof badges and one of those won’t be dimer :pensive:

diamond: penny or wade
amy: eddie jones plz🙏
ruby: maybe like nick van exel or white chocolate

Diamond wade and Amy penny

Be prepared to hear me complain a lot if we don’t get Penny.

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Incoming posts about how we again don’t get kobe

Lord save us.

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Can’t wait for PD Kobe tmmrw

Hoping for diamond Nick Anderson

Cant wait token locker code with no weekend content


Would love a fire promo tomorrow…

Too bad 2k loves to disappoint us

Since B Roy packs out till tuesday we wont get another promo till next friday

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Pd Roy -> Pd klay -> Payton -> Shaq?

Damn already maxed our credit cards out


You forgot PD roy too… lmaooo they diggin deep this week :rofl:

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