Ask out with vc

Did they change this option. Im in a playoff game in the third quarter down by 14 and i don’t get the option to ask out. Happened to me in a few games.

Ask out ?

I’ll go in a date for some vc

What you offering op


Heard it got patch

Are you serious?

Yup will date for vc


Yup have to be winning by 25+ now

By 25 hehe

Oh wow, that is so horrible. Its going to take me forever just to get some events for the endorsements.

What the heck are you talking about lol.

How did you figure this out?

Prolly doesn’t wanna admit how

Well Rip to the ask out method.

I’m still Here op

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It’s not patched. Instead of simming out if you’re up/down by 11 points. It’s changed to 25 points

They killed off vc glitch for people who lack patience, they can keep all this new way.

Yea i was doing the glitch and was like why cant i sim out. I just lost all energy to even do this.

I have a question though. If you foul out of a game does that still count for getting a game towards getting an event for the endorsement?

This was never changed before, 2k really hoeing us lmao

It still works…