Ascension - tell me all about it

Can someone explain this mode to me? Where do I get them picks from? Leveling up only? So I need to get exp. Does it mean I will get only limited number of picks?
TT offline vault - get a chance after every win
TT online ball - depends on number of wins

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Xp from leveling.

There are some tasks you need to accomplish

Listed there on ascensions agendas.

Some levels will grant ascension, you pick cards there some cards grant extra picks the goal is getting PD Bob Lanier it also has others bonuses


Ascension agendas? Can sameone post screenshot?

First bar in my team upper left with curry picture you got agendas or tasks there that gives XP

Not my account

Ok season agendas. I knew about those. Thought I missed something.

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Every 6th level or so you get ascension picks.
You get a board of 9 cards first and you have 3 picks or sth. There are cards like MT, more picks, gold player etc.
You can ascend to a bigger board with an ascension card being pulled. However, it seems like you always start at the bottom with every new ascension run,which sucks.

Do I get limited chances to get rewards? If I reach level 40 and don’t get PD Lenier I will not get him.

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Yeah limited chances if i am not mistaken you get initial 3 picks and some cards add bonus picks.