Ascension Board craziness

Me and my son legit had 35 picks on the top board and no Cunningham. Haven’t got an Ascension player all year. Just crazy.

What’s your most picks while failing??


I’m just DYING for Billy and haven’t even made it to the top board yet :tired_face:

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I made it to the top board with 20 picks from my level 36 board earlier and didn’t land him. Tough.


lvl 36 had 18 picks. no cunningham but got 3 diamond consumable packs and bunch of deluxe packs. i’ll take those over cunningham


Level 36 had 25 picks on top board. First 6 picks were fouls I don’t think it gets worse than that.


Yea you win. That’s fked up


I pulled Cunningham twice so that’s funny. Both times he was in the bottom right corner

Lol yes it is

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Why are there even foul cards :joy:. Its supposed to be a reward board after grinding a ton of xp.

The least 2k can do is reveal where the card was on the board after the last pick.


Try picking bottom right corner for every ascension. Ive seen a lot of people get him from that exact spot, so i decided to try it myself chose bottom right on first level got ascended, second level bottom right ascended and third level same thing n bam there it was. Got him in 3 picks altogether. And a lot of people got him this way too ive seen a vid of it on reddit

I think it was level like 22-26 one I’m not exactly sure but the second board I had 3 cards left on the whole board and didn’t get to the third level
30 didn’t even get any good packs, only thing I got was a diamond shoe which turned out to be a converse…

Got him twice … but would trade it all in for… KOBE!


I will probably have my last chance later today (currently level 35)

He sucks get Danny Ferry.


either way its all luck based.

good advice. ill get him instead will just need some luck and a dash of miracle

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Both Cunningham and Ferry require some luck to obtain. I missed both Lanier and Love but Dantley and Walton despite reaching level 36 every season

i got cunningham on my second ascend :slight_smile:

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No Cunningham for me. I wish they would put these players in the exchange or token market during the subsequent season.

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I second this. Don’t really care about the card I just like collecting