Artis Gilmore or Pau gasol?

Which one would you go with?

Gilmore is a god, 99 rebound with coach, 7’2 with HOF box and backdown punisher. This man snags and and can score with ease


His standing dunk is a little low tho

Gilmore for sure.

I went with Pau and am loving him. Pick and pops all day. Also has bronze dimer

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Me too man. And his shot is sweet. HOF post spin. And he moves faster than his stats say.
200 more attribute points than Gilmore

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How’s his release? I wasn’t a fan of his card last year, because his release was a bit on the slower side.

Pau Gasol is abetter pick and role player also better mid and perimeter shooting. To get better chamce at rebounding its best to box opponents out with him.

With the way the game is now. It’s mcbuckets.

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I like the sound of that. I already picked up Artis, and he fits his role well, but Pau is definitely going to get picked up soon.

Outside of his past shooting, I really liked his animations in game. HoF Drop Step is probably unfair.

2k20 is a joke honestly. I been comparing player stats and it’s disrespectful like a 90 overall Lebron has 73 perimeter shooting. Lebron would smack the game developers if he saw that.

Lebrons not a great shooter


His 3pt shooting is better that a 73 rating. If you try telling me otherwise you dont k ow NBA All-Star players

2k18 is better by far. Sad the game declined lime this.

I mean it’s September man. By January he’ll have a 80s 90s

Make a thread about how 2k18 was the best one


Pau is always a cheat code in 2k.

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Total attributes is one of the most misleading things to look at when comparing cards.

In Gasol and Gilmore case, Gosol has more total attributes but Gilmore have him beat in more relevant categories (for centers). Interior defense, Rebounding, Post scoring and Athleticism

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Pau Gasol for the 5 out

The guy had 33% from the 3p line last season, what did you expect?

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I agree you has great animations and better defense and rebounding than I thought! Plus gold deep fades :heart_eyes: