Arenas with 32 Gold badges (clamp , range ... etc) PS4

Just put up an Arenas with diam Kobe 1 , 32 gold badges (clamp , range …)
Happy bidding :star_struck:

Good luck man. Market crashed. I got 100,050 yesterday for a Stockton with 5 extra HOF badges and all gold everything.


yeah not the best timing but good luck fam

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Yeah i see that , ppl selling massively to prepare draft packs (worthy 80k bin , KG 70k … etc) , i did snipe him so i’m good and i’d rather see him going to a forumer that is seeking one even for 100k no pb , thanks for the support m8 :+1:

Edit , i see a Grant Hill at 400k , ends in 3min … market crashed but not for everybody , tmac is high too , +250k

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yeah these cards are kinda rare lol. Been trying to cop Grant hill all day smh

Ahah same , was searching one under 300k , but it always ends over :cold_sweat:

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its crazy there are tons of ginobilis and wilkins in the ah but hill is super rare and wall is even rarer smh

Yeah wall it’s because a lot of ppl did lock Smith and Hill is the best 2/3 player so ppl keeping him , that’s why a lot of Wilkins/Havlicek are up , plus a potential release of Lamelo(that was the best PG last year) = market in shamble

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I might have to make a bid on this. Feel free to tag me close to when the auction is ending👌

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Ok i will 10min before end , thx :pray:t2: , 3h left now

Tbh grant hill is really good so I wouldn’t sell him either lol I did sell mine after I did challenges tho lol

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