Are you still using your old reward cards?

Does someone still use old cards? Guys, like b. badge up Blake or Wade, look not bad or maybe someone has fun with pd Curry and opal Davis. I’m sometimes using Grant and Batum in domination.

I pretty much run strictly reward cards at this point of the year because now that we’re in full getting cards that all feel the same mode I’m just waiting for prices to tank, but with that being said the last reward cards im talking about that I use are Westbrook and mchale and they’re 11th and 12th behind cards like Winslow and eddy curry,

I don’t even use JR lol. Using d Rafer in offline games sometimes.


i put diamond contracts on reddish blake wade and mchale so i still use them for offline grinds

szn 1 lvl 40 steph with dia contract is still goated offline

I put diamond contracts on a couple of the old reward cards and use them for all of my offline games - DRob is probably my best center and Baron Davis is serviceable for offline play.