Are you going to continue to play?

Im gonna sell all my auctionable players, but cant bring myself to sell TMAC…

Will you continue to play this year? If so what are you gonna do?

Kind of a wasteland out there if you have gone 12-0 and dont grind vs the cpu.


I’ll still play, but maybe not as much. I put Ben, JR, and Gilbert up today. Magic should be coming pretty soon and until then Walt and D Rose can hold the PG spot down.


I locked for Jokic, so I have plenty of players to keep playing and bank the MT or sell it until something cool comes along…if anything does.

i’ll keep playing till roy, then not as much after

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I will but there’s not much to do really. I have loads of tokens and MT saved up but nothing to spend it on, and no motivation to grind for more if there’s no reason to. Just trying out new cards every now and then but it’s gonna be a BTB simulator regardless of who you use anyway.

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Spotlight 3 will need to have a seriously good GO as the reward for me to even consider touching this game, besides the weekly log-in stuff.


I like 5 v 5. I’m playing as much as I can. I like the game :man_shrugging:

I remember when PNO was king now MTU is the best mode so I’ll keep playing.

Tlou2 drops in May that might be the end low key lol


true.i have a feeling 2k is going to nerf roy in some huge way too

Im having fun dominating the ball with PD Jokic and trying to score as many points as I can with him in MTU and TTO. Its low key trolling your opponent for some reason…they have been getting pissed off quitting, pausing and sending me messages.

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Didn’t know so many people were only playing because of the 250k tournament. I knew I had zero chance to qualify so wasn’t really playing because of that. I enjoy the game despite its flaws and actually enjoy the content/cards. Hopefully they will not falter on the POTM rewards like they did last year. Who remembers PD Jason Williams and David Thompson as rewards?


I still enjoy the game…but whats up with POTM? Give us something to play for…it would be idiotic for them not to do something. Leaving so much money on the table from people buying VC because they are too stupid and lazy to have something for people to play for.

I’m only playing because 2K gave me the game for free. I was happy still playing 2K19, but now I’m invested. :man_shrugging:t2:


I finished all spotlights, weekly challenges and tto to get Wilkins. So I guess am playing red dead redemption for a while because offline mode is dead to me. Am still waiting on token market like everyone else .

What about Domination?

That’s a hell of a grind though doing all Spotlights, TTOff, and Weeklys. Kudos! :clap:t2::clap:t2:

I couldn’t care less about the 250k tournament. If anything I’m glad it’s over so there are fewer try hard cheesers in the game. Nothing against those people, it’s just not as enjoyable playing against them all the time in MTU.

Hopefully the next batch of POTMs are actually usable. And of course, a token reward update is desperately needed. I’ve got a decent team, over a million MT, and 1,000 tokens with little motivation to keep grinding.


Yea that too

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I’m in the exact same spot. I’m hoping they have a new 12-0 challenge or something. I despise playing against the CPU in sports games, so Domination ain’t it for me. Idk.

Baron and Amare got a ton of use for me. Dr J is in my lineup too.

Why does the qualifier being over mark the end of the line for some people? The qualifier, along with MTU, is an absolute shit show…so if you are still playing to this point, I don’t see how it’s different now. I guess there is less incentive to put money into the game because you can’t win anything now, but that money was empty in the first place. I didn’t even bother playing in any of the qualifiers because I knew it was a lottery.

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Its no market update…big one.

Nothing else lined up in MTU

250 K Tourney being over is the punctuation.