Are you going to buy 2k19?

Simple question, simple answer ? I’m probably, definitely buying :smiley: PRAYING for better!

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Fuck fuckity fuck fucking No. image

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This year, was my last shot.

Probably but the only the regular version I bought the 150$ version this year as gift for myself and all the free packs they gave I did not get one single diamond card not even a coach and not mention myplayer is a joke

Yes, if you don’t like my team play then play mygm. Have invested many hours in it.

I think this year proved more than ever you can buy this game in the 4th quarter of its life cycle and reap all the benefits. Save yourself wasted time and effort for 7 months. Nothing is sacred in this game and it’s all in the moment. It’s like being wasted at a college party, picking up that chick that was kind of hot when you’re fucking wasted and waking up to find you fucked a wolf


I’ve been clean for 3 weeks and I’m not looking back.

Coming back to FIFA after this year disaster

He’ll yes and 90% of the members here will too lmao

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Sadly its true,people will say that they wont buy the game but we all know everyone still going to buy 19

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Yep. But hopefully not touching MyTeam. Got a great Pro-Am squad that I love playing with so will get it for that and try to avoid myteam!

I will not buy. The PD every other day thing has proved that this game is a blatantly obvious money grab. Last year you could at least play until the new release with the team that you had worked hard to get. Now it’s like I got a pretty much end game squad and boom, everything turns to shit. Nothing has value any more. Goodbye 2k for sure.

This new PD thing is a completely absurd and has insured that I won’t be redownloading the game. I already wasn’t buying 19’.

NBA2k is with all the flaws the best game for a basketball fan. And the new NBALive seems not to catch up again at least from what I have seen so far. It is well worth it with Park/pro Am and offline content. You can have fun for months not even touching Myteam online mode if it is that bad again.

To answer the question: Hell Yes.

Yes I will, cause let’s be clear, the Myteam mode was a joke this year. Players were obviously boosted to the max to the point that James Harden dunks more than Vince Carter

But other than that, quick games are not that bad, my career is still fun (not Park, this cancerous thing must be deleted in my opinion), I don’t play myGm so I can’t say, and they added all time teams plus new historic teams

So will I grab the 19, yes, hoping for improvements

Of course, probably pre-order too.

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Already preordered, bought the anniversary edition, this cover with James looks very nice

But I also will buy NBA live 19

Already preordered. Such an elitist group on here. I think it’s great they’re giving everybody a chance to use the good players!

That’s the spirit💪

Buying 2k19. Maybe last time i buy 2k if game is another disappointment. But 100% not touching myteam. Mode is pure garbage.