Are you getting 2K22?

    1. Preordering or getting it early
    1. Staying on 2k21
    1. Waiting until bigger discounts
    1. Waiting until gameplay videos come out and then I’ll decide

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Why not an option that just says “I quit 2k”


That is not an option… 2k iz laif


Day 1 sucker as usual. Gonna do my best again to steer fully clear of myteam and just play park/rec/PNO.

Didn’t touch myteam this year until the Kawhi reward season. For 2k22 I hope I never open it, haha



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What’s release day again?

September 10th


If anyone still has any info when do the discounts drop for the preorders that would be lovely

In past years they just randomly pop up sometimes when you log in to the current game. On that banner that shows up on main menu. It then allows you to head to PS store from that screen. It’s always been 10% off and for us in Australia anyway, base version only, which getting digital is a huge rip off.

Considering I didn’t see 1 VC sale all year this year… I’d say they might have scrapped this discount too.

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The first half of the game cycle is always the most fun, definitely launch day for me.


Always been deluxe in UK store lol.

Anyway, I’m getting it, curious to see how this new MyCareer works out.
Not expecting much from MyTeam, this mode has gone less enjoyable year by year.

No 2k22 for me!
Using all my time for a 1-year-long study time to pass the exam of my life, which will lead me for my speciality as a doctor, I expect (if everything goes right)
Gonna be absent from here as well
It was a great year.
For the Philly guys, I expect to come back strong in 2k23 to make new all time 76ers squad that year I expect with DM Tisse Thybbule, DM Tyrese Maxey and who knows? DM Lillard (JK, but u never know)
See y’all there… For now I will still be sweating in the Unlimited streets in 2k21 and here in 2kgamer (best community ever)


You doing the national test to become a general doctor or a certain branch doctor?

It’s a test to qualify for the ordered list to choose the speciality :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:
Best classifications chose first and there are limited places for each speciality!

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That means you’re a doctor now right? Finished college? Choosing specialisation here is just dependable on your grade summary.
Which ones are you most interested in? And which ones are classified as the highest ones?

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Nops, I will finish college next april, the exam is November 2022
The last question is the easiest to answer: dermatology, opthalmology are easily the hardest ones to get.
For my prefeences I’m still kind of confused which is kind stressing because I’m in my 6th year of Med School ahah. But I guess it will be sth that does not envolve surgery :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

I’m waiting for more info man, not really interested in paying $100 for NBA 2K21 part 2.

I think the education system is similar to mine here (6 years, state test).

I know patology here is really hard and the longest but it’s one of the least ones people choose (idk why).

I’ve been leaning towards neurology and I think that’s what I’m gonna choose. Pediatrics is also an option but will see until I finish what will be the winner lol

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