Are we stopping at 11-0 again?

Strongly considering stopping at 11-0 and taking a break for the month.

I usually complete the month with 1-0.

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Yea bro I am. I’m in no need for tokens and I also could care less about 250k tourney atm


I’m just playing 1 game a day until I get to 11-0 again and then avoid all the AIDS until next month.

Yeah, just save yourself the stress.

I can’t do it. I’m playing unlimited till at least Christmas. RDR2 doesn’t give me enough excitement to go 20+ days without playing 2k online

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Really enjoying Witcher 3 could easily kill the entire month of gaming time.

I don’t think so, I still need LJ, tokens and MTU is the most fun mode in MyTeam.

Playing rn my 12th game pray for me guys😂

My opponent quits and I didnt get the W wtf

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God squad incoming, everytime

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Lost it of course…

I’m doing the vc glitch everyday till next month. I pulled everyone except for Jordan doing it. Need that Kemp.

I’m going to keep playing MTU to grind tokens and keep my game on point. Maybe I’ll try to go for 11-0 during the last week before January but not anytime soon.

What is this glitch you speak of. Fill me in

Anyone that’s not doing it is missing out 2k still hasn’t patched it so obviously it’s not that big of a deal to them


I finish my 12th game yesterday just to test my luck with the Magic/Nets pack and got nothing. So ill try to get back to 11-0 and shut it down until the new year.

Sounds like ill be going 11-0 and trying to stack VC with that trick ive been hearing.