Are we gonna get Moments of the month?

I guess we will get it after the regular season ends? Who can we slowly expect?

Gimme that PD Jordan Poole.

Hopefully a good Jokic DM. His Opal was a huge let down after how good his diamond was early. Looking forward to Davion Mitchell as well. Even though he won’t likely make my lineup, just one of my favorite young guys.

I hope it will come out tomorrow, I doubt next Tuesday at the beginning of the new season.

I actually think it will come out next week after regular season ends. Plus Ja started on 7th due to ASB.

Ja’s challenge is ending on April 12, not sure we will get a new one before then

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I doubt theyd add another one rn being that the season is about to end but we are talking about 2k so its hard to tell lol

Will we finally have them today? Yes, I’m impatient. :sweat_smile:

Once the Play-In Tournament begins for the NBA, moments in MyTEAM will be changing.

For the 2022 NBA Playoffs, MyTEAM will be following the action with new Lifetime Agenda Groups for each round. These groups will expand as postseason games are played for you to match stat lines and play along with your collection. After the conclusion of the Play-In Tournament and the subsequent rounds, the Agenda Group will be completed with Moments Cards for all the teams moving on in the Playoffs!

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Ok! Thanks, I missed this info.