Are we getting anything for Chinese New Year?

Every year since 2k17 they’ve had some type of Chinese New Year challenges/packs. In 2k17 they had the ass-blaster Yao Ming and the Jeremy Lin challenge. In 2k18 they had the limited Yao Ming and another Jeremy Lin challenge. I feel like they would continue this for 2k19.

the leftover PD Yaos from last year gonna be added to the packs


Yep, next Tues is the day. Yao sig pack gonna be nice

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Yao would be a nice backup point guard.

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Base 11 Yao


I think this year they’ll go TMac and Yao.

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Sig Series Jimmer Fredette.


I would love this , now if only King Gryph came back

Its about damn Time!! The highest Tier T-Mac we have is a Sapphire?!?!?!

They know what they’re doing. They know he’s the 2K God.

T Mac or Yao Ming? Both are total cheesers

Im chinese give me mt please

PD Kobe confirmed

Doesnt kobe have a chinese tattoo on his bicep? Pd kobe confirmed

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Yao, Marbury and Ammy TMac.

In March,we will have a signature one.