Are we getting a D or PD Sabonis?

This is my first year of NBA 2K MyTeam. I am a veteran of NHL HUT, so I kinda know the deal but am still somewhat newb’ish.

Mt dream Center is Arvydas Sabonis- 7’3, great post game, and can step out and drill 3s when I am pick and rolling the opposition to insanity, and their C leaves his guy (Arvydas) to try to shut down my PG monster (G Hill) about to take down the rim.

Do we know if we are getting him?

We seem to know that we are getting the 20th anniversary cover guys (KD, Giannis, Magic, etc.) and we know the POTM guys (Hakeem, Dr. J).

Is it definite that Sabonis will be like a Moses Malone deal? Or, is it just an unknown. speculation)?

We usually get sabonis…every year. He’s slow as fxck… But big, and can shoot very well.

First year of MyTeam, already SF at PG and PNR all the fucking time.

We will get him though.

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Either Diamond or PD, with how money hungry 2k is, i wouldint be surprised if its PD, but most likely Diamond at some point.

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He could be throwback Blazer tho.

he was great last year amy and ruby

Yup him or Walton

Is 2k really money hungry or are they just a business trying to make money.

Imagine if you could do that in game :joy:

whateva you say man, PD Kareem in November lol.

I asked a question bro.

And i answered.

with 11 hof badges at that lmao

HoF dimer for sure, would be lit card even with low speed.

lol i was saying they gave Kareem 11 hof badges in nov, i was agreeing

but yes he will be lit with low speed

I’m not getting him though PD KAJ is great

lol you think I will convert? I mean, to me, it really makes no difference, if I (or you) run 6’9 Magic at PG, or 6’8 G Hill? Obviously, you feel more sim running Magic and that’s fine. I feel identically the same. If Magic and G Hill have similar skill sets, then why do I care that whoever was coach of DET realized that maybe his 5 strongest players at the time necessitated G Hill to appear as a SF?

I saw an interview with Jalen Rose who said that positions are fake and imaginary, and were just created so that idiots can follow the game. Positions do not exist, he said. Coming from a PG in college/ SF/ Point Forward in the pros. I will try to find it an post it when I get around to it.

Sorry bro, I do not get extra satisfaction when a listed PG (C Scott) makes a great play, versus when my G Hill makes an equally spectacular play. Besides, I got an abundance of epic SFs, and I do not like my PGs (except C Scott), so why hate? I do not try to convince you of the joy of evolving to the positionless basketball movement; I really do not care how you run the squad on the game that you paid for.

And there is an art to PnR, you think at Superstar versus AI that anyone can just pull it off? I do not think so, and I am always looking to mix it up (post fades, transition 3s, play art that looks right and has a shooter flaring to get open) when the opportunity comes, as the AI will adjust to shut down the PnR when it gets repetitive. But yea, PnR is my default go-to in the halfcourt, as it is for quite a number of pro teams.

I will take low speed- as long as he can get down the court and not get beat by the opposition’s bigs, it is fine. Just hit the 3s when the opposition C leaves you open (and be a big, tough C otherwise), and you are in!

50 speed is enough