Are we expecting Finals Promo Tmr At 1pm est

Harden packs end at 11-12 pm est

Tmr may be the last finals game

Makes sense right?

Yah. Last game of the year. All checks out


Eh… I dunno. Definitely not guaranteed.

@raptorsbenchmob I admire your faith


gsw has won like 4 quarters out of 20 over the 5 games, one of them with Durant. Raptors are winning tmmrw. Book it


Permanent throwback play-off moments superpacks tomorrow? Or do you reckon one more week of it

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Nah they will probably wait on that but then again yo I may be right. I’d say if we don’t hear about a promo by 9 Pm then most likely

last game of the season
we are getting super packs on thursdays

We just got supers tho…

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ig kg packs then
huge promo friday

Yeah I feel like these 24-hour things are a way to make people panicking and buy. If not those packs it would be the anniversary what’s i reckon

Lol no bro that won’t drop promo and KG packs same week. This weeks drop is all for Premium promo. I’m guessing they just moved the date up since tmr is most likely the end of the finals

They wont do nothing for friday. Maybe New duos hopefully and the promo the day before

@ItsShake4ndbake and TwoBrosGaming have both said that myTeam producers are planning on rolling out content all summer through the next games release. I don’t think we will get massive player dumps like we did in June last year

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i want the fan favorites promo ronnie said we were gonna get, not a collection of unproven basketball rooks


They should do like a free agent promo of like the players signing to other teams for example GO Lakers Lebron , Opal KD and such


Unfortunately, the rook promo was the “fan favorite”

I think we get finals promo tomorrow, and a GO Bron

Never expect 2k to drop the obvious thing.

I don’t think there’s going to be another promo. The last promo last year came out around May. There were none released in June.

I expect sig series LBJ tomorrow or Friday, and KG next week. The rest of the players that need cards will probably be playoff throwbacks, just like how they did last year with the PDs.

The bigger question is who would they add… bird magic and basically Lebron (sig series) are already out or Lebron day will come, tmac has no finals excepted card, I mean maybe we see kd as the reward with Hakeem Duncan dr j in it, but we already got most end game cards for those who would be in the finals promo