Are we expecting anything tomorrow?

Maybe a new promo or just moments?

Expecting a baby here, need some names


Im gonna need one of you boys to call me and wake me up if theres a market crash cause these releases are too early for me bruh

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Everybody wants a baby LeBron

PM # nerd

Lol , was thinking Bartholomew, and shorten him to Bart

For real though, who came out today? I havent played today, is there more coming tomorrow, really?

Eddie Jones Spacemonkey

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I think promo. Though they might just sit on these throwbacks for the week then go with the next anni drop next

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I doubt anything tomorrow. We just had Blake, then today, and anni next week? They’ll wanna maximize those profits man.

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I want more drops I’m already bored of these cards

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I hope something new. I’m getting bored with the content lol

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