Are we done for content for the year?

Im hoping this is it for content but i feel like 2k is about to throw a curve ball lol. I have the ultimate team right now and just got enough tokens for a limited card from selling a kyrie snipe today. Im sure we will get a wilkins/kp or similar. But surely we wont get an opal giannis in the token market? Dont wanna regret this mj lol

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We love MJ😁

Done deal lol just need some confirmation on that because it would be upsetting seeing an opal giannis be put up lol


I doubt we get new cards now. Last year, after the duo packs dropped, it was over

But last year packs didn’t had timer, and they dropped in August. So we never know

Thats why i was shocked duos came so quick, was sure it be another week or so atleast. Jordans all locked in now tho. Ill deal with it if they release something out of nowhere, but even if there is, its dying rapidly.

Have u got limited Jordan ? U mofo :joy:

Had to get the goat, locked in the last two sets and redeemed tokens from current collections since this is the new account lol

How the hell did you get so many tokens , last screen shot u showed me u was at like 100

750 from ultimate 500 from draft set, had 200 tokens and locked in 10 current sets. Something like that lol

Damn bro I’m jealous , I’m a bulls fan and have been enjoying d rose as my victory cigar in games but limited Jordan is next level I’m jealous a f

Lol! Yeah i ran that duo for a bit and he was nice, i just knew i needed the best one i could get. Wont get to play with him till tomorrow night tho

Oh okay I was gonna say that we have to run a friendly some time soon , not tonight coz I’m already drunk :tumbler_glass::beers:

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at least gimme GO AK47

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Most definately. Let me know during the week

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