Are TV Timeouts separate than legit timeouts that coaches have the say over?

I know of the existence of TV timeouts since some coaches complain about it

are they a part of the regular count of timeouts or are they separate from there?

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Its not like a regular timeout, nobody can talk to each other. They just wait for the commercial to end.

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Wait really?

so they just sit around doing nothign

im sure wily veteran coaches like pop have signals and stuff

Im joking lol

Pop throwing up gang signs :rofl:

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Anything for the win

DeRozan can probably decipher them for belineli and poeltl and the gang, IIRC hes from compton right

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I heard he used to gang bang too

man im watching playoffs but since im 2 40s deep every 2 minutes my mind tries to convince me to order mcdonalds cheesy bacon fries

they gotta have some crack in that cheddar sauce, it aint even cheese and i ordered it 4 straight days

TRYING HARD to not make it 5 today

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Chill before you have a heart attack. Im about them nuggets tho


Yeah I dont regularly order , but uber making their deliver 49 cents, plus being in college means they are the only option for late night snacking

I know i cant stay on this path too long, but that cheddar fries with bacon are crazy

I feel like my neighbors would think differently of me if they saw someone delivering me McDs lol

college town baby plus my town has been known to be on the lower end of the wealth spectrum for the state

having food delivered is a better sign than most from what ive seen, no matter if its a McD bag with just bacon fries and 2 mcchickens (my usual order)

Big Mac, 10pc nugg, a big ass diet coke. no fries

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and bbq sauce

Uber Eats added this new shit where orders below 10 bucks pay an extra 15% of the bill to uber

they reduced the delivery fee, but added a 15% surcharge that goes to ubers pockets

I wanna boycott them coz their delivery drivers are making jack shit , but my personal needs when im hungry sadly outweigh any intentions for justice i have

what if its over $10?

Then the small order surcharge of 15% isnt there, but then the larger your order is the 15% uber service charge keeps growing