Are Token Rewards Worth It?

In an aim to save time and money I’m thinking of a little $150 MT seed.

Should I bother locking in for tokens for rewards or just sit on 2M MT until the All-Star Break?

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2nd option for sure


I’m calling it now, don’t care if I’m wrong (which I’m not): you’ll enjoy yourself more if you wait.

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If you like players that youve never heard of or never had any interest in playing as then you’ll love the token rewards.


Yeah I just got to Ruby, looked around and was like…


Michael redd.

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Who yall expect? KD? Token rewards are nice imo


I glitched magic at PG too. I’m not playing him at center. That’s dumb.

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Wow did you have to lock all of NBA 20 to get to Diamond?

No I got the amy

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How far did you have to lock to get to AMY?

I locked up most of them. I probably have 10 left. Everyone except the expensive rubies and Amy’s. Silvers were dirt cheap over the weekend.

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At least 1M, right?

Can confirm Redd is a glitch:


did anyone tried Richie Guerin?

Roughly 800-to a mill to get IT, probably 500 on silvers.

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Cannot do first choice unless you’re prepared to be basically in same position in not very long.

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How are you liking IT?

I love him. I played a guy last night who had him & he couldn’t score with him.
He’s shot is wet, and he finishes contested layups at a high rate

I wish I knew all the EVO requirements. Must take forever lol…