Are these cards worth using?

I’m playing on my friend’s account with the Masked and Mystic sets locked in. Are any cards in those sets worth using or are they just outdated?

Most of those cards can be used still I would say…masked Kevin Durant and Dolph Shayes are still very good cards diamond AK47 is more than suitable to come off the bench still…as far as the mystic set… Depending on how many HOF badges you have on Giannis , he still might be a top 5 PF in the game and don’t let anyone tell you different …he may even be a better shooter then the opal since he can get deadeye , sniper and a few other shooting badges that the opal can’t …mystic Tmac and Harden are more than usable still as well, Harden can be your primary ball handler and Tmac your starting swing man , even guys like Dino ,Eddie Jones and Jonathan Isaac can come off the bench if you don’t try to go outside of their limitations imo honestly

The team’s not really a budget team since he has a lot of good reward cards like Opal Tatum and PD Lillard

Those cards feel a lot better than the Mystic and Masked cards though. I was just asking because the two sets have my favorite players but I don’t want to be destroyed online.

Yea Tatum is very nice but I wouldnt trust Dame as far as I can throw lol hes just very weak defensively , regardless I would equate a guy like Tmac to the Paul George of the shooting guard position of that makes sense , and there are less than a handful of guys I would start over Giannis , I would start him at C and Dolph at the 4 unless you have some if the elite elite cards…also when you say “those” cards, other than the 2 you already mentioned , who do you mean ?

What about Hakeem and masked Rip Hamilton?

I’m not a huge fan of Hamilton because he’s simply a cone and Klay Thompson is much better , Hakeem looks great but has abit of a baited release , I havnt used him this year but if you can get by with the release , then he’s probably just as good as Drob, who’s still my starting C with 14 HOF badges and I can afford anyone I want

is Klay expensive? I think you’re talking about diamond Klay

I am talking about diamond Klay…he isn’t expensive at all, I think you can get him for about 50k with extra hof badges , there are so many of them that you can find klays out in the wild with 2 or 3 times the amount of HOF badges compared to his stock off rip card

Oh ok. This is a WILD story but so basically, my friend gameshared his account with me and someone else. That guy grinded a ton on his account and my friend hasn’t really touched the game for the past few months. Yesterday, he showed me that the guy saw that my friend’s debit card was linked to the account and has made about $1,300 in purchases in NBA 2K22 VC. I was in disbelief. The majority of the purchases were made in November of last year, hence why Mystic and Alter Ego Masked were locked in. I was confused on my the account had freaking 661 mt after that much money spent, but I think the guy sold everything to buy more packs in mt and packed nothing. Thats why the collections were so empty.

and btw, he’s a minor. What should he do after this? The guy’s IP address and location was linked to the purchases, so we know where he lives. I know this took a wild turn, but I’m just trying to ask for some ideas since Take Two isn’t the type of generous company to refund purchases, especially in VC. Then again, that was card fraud so maybe he can do something about it.

My masked KD with 13 HOF badges shits on Sig KD

Honestly I’m treading lightly when I say this but how did he not notice the money was gone sooner ? Back then he would’ve been able to get the transactions reversed by the bank, I’ve had a friend had their card scanned somehow in their wallet in public and then it was used on Amazon and his bank returned all the money , not sure what happened to the guy who scanned it …now that’s not the same but gives you an idea of how these type of things are handled …if I was your friend, under no circumstances would I admit to gsmesharing with this guy cause potentially that can be used against him. I would first try to blackmail the guy and dangle a carrot of freedom in front of him unless he asks someone to help him with it , I wouldnt mean what I say to him, but I would say it just to see if it can be handled "in house "…them if that takes him nowhere , maybe consult a local detective and tell him over the phone that his card was used etc and see what they suggest…out if personal reservations about my personal ethics I would not directly turn them into the police for no other reason than what I personally believe in…but I wouldn’t say it’s morally wrong to report to authorities as a last resort…if I was still living with my parents , I would consult with them and come up with a joined gameplan on what the best way to proceed because they are adults and have more experience with these type of situations …hope this helps

Edit…btw if your bank somehow had a policy in place where they can still reverse the charges , just know that your account on 2k would likely get banned immidiately because they would have transactions tied to you that are suddenly reversed months later …even if it wasn’t months later , in this situation , I the bank was to reverse the transactions , your account would be 99% likely to get banned by 2k which would mean you would no longer have access to the myteam collection of card you accumulated and would have to start from scratch

Honestly, it’s his decision. $1,300 is $1,300, and there’s no other way to put it. The guy who used the card isn’t responding at all to him. I’ll tell him to check his bank policies.

Ok but I still ponder how it took him this long to figure it out ? I mean if he still lives with his parents , that’s likely not a small chunk of change to him , so I would question how he didn’t notice earlier , just don’t wanna see you somehow get wrapped up in it if your friend is trying to find a scapegoat , I hate to be a negative Nancy here but in my life I’ve seen “friends” resort to much worse when trying to get out of a jam, so I’m just abit sceptical to the factors I know about the situation, move like a ninja is what I’m saying , always look at yourself from a side perspective to ensure you’re not being a pos and that noone is trying to manipulate you to do something against your interests and sometimes better judgement due to the fact that we don’t normally expect friends to be our downfall, all the best to you and your friend

dem sets are doo doo.
only card that is ok is giannas.
ong diamond josh smith is better than all those cards

Lol well it depends on how you play etc but I’ve seen some of those players used successfully esp Dolph n masked KD, not to mention Tmac…those guys are only slightly worse than the best cards in the gm imo…also I’ve always been a fan of Josh Smith irl and in 2k but I don’t like the jumper they gave to him past few years personally ,vhes still good tho ofcourse

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