Are there no more scrubs left?

I swear everyone I play is elite. It is not even about god squads anymore is about good stick skills and coaching. Everyone I’ve played as of late is Pat Riley in his prime or the best player 2K has to offer. Every single game is a fight to the death… I haven’t had any freebies since Britney Spears shaved her head. Maybe I’m not cheesing enough but no win is easy this round at least for me. I got Mobb Deep playing in the background to help me get through this. I just wish I can connect to 3 or 4 scrubs to get me closer to Porzingis but I’m starting to believe there isn’t any left. If only I could get a placement match or something damn… I guess I’ll see you guys at the finish line whenever I make it.


I only play for fun so I’m much happier playing someone with actual skill than scrubs.

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Well, I played 7 games already this round, mainly to test the equalizer since I said I was quitting, and I never faced someone who truly impressed me. Everyone is playing a hyper fast pace, looking to turbo through you for the dunk. 1 money play max. Some offensive stick skills, but nothing crazy.
I’ve found that with an equalizing team and by playing safe I can beat almost everyone of these people.

I don’t mind playing good players, but I do mind loosing 140 points for a guy who drains 19 threes and has Drexler on the team. I believe they calculate the points based on the previous season ranking. So if that dude didn’t play last season at all and I finished in diamond I would probably get 25 for the win and he got 140.

I am more surprised about how ugly most of them play and i dont mean the cheesy stuff, i´m okay with that - but yesterday i played 3 opponents in a row that pressed start everytime they shot the ball or after a make

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I know there’s scrubs left. For one, I’m playing.

And I actually have a winning record so far. Barely.

But I’m only in Ruby after 7 games.

When you don’t care about your record you enjoy the game so much more. I know people are losing their shit over PD Porzingis but it’s just a Porzingis that will be able to shoot a little bit better and defend a little bit better. Is that worth all the shit you’re going through playing this game?

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I guess I’m fighting now so that I can enjoy the game more from May on with a totally OP team. Other than that, you’re totally right.

There are still scrubs left, I’ve noticed, but I can’t remember the last time someone rage quit against me

How can you ask if there are no more scrubs left when you log on to MyTeam daily?


I’m 14-6 in ruby. It’s a grind sometimes regardless of record.


Really? 90% of the time I’m winning by more than 10 it’s game over. BTW last night I was loosing by 25 by halftime and still won the game. 99,9% of people would have quit.

That’s where I’ve come down to, Idgaf about this PD Porzingis. No way in hell I’m sweating this out for 4 seasons. Thing is, I know I could very easily 5 out, win 90% of my games, and get PD Porzingis. I just wouldn’t enjoy any of it.

I do believe the line-up you run does matter when determining who your going to be matched up with. I’ve played god squads about every single game this season except for the games where I had ruby Jayson Tatum in the starting line-up. When he was there almost every game was against just a decent squad.

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I agree with this. I added ruby Brent Barry as a starting sg in my last 2 SM games and my matchups weren’t too OP. Klay came just in time. I suggest not running all diamond starting 5. Sacrifice one spot.

I am in pink diamond and deep into it and just got matched with someone playing their first supermax game lol

Where were those breaks when I needed it lol

tbh you could just have a bronze in your starting line-up and then switch it when you get to the line-up screen.

Here’s the crazy part. He quit when I went up 18-6. I got 75 points for that game lmfao