Are there any more expensive historic cards like j.j. barea

I sold the gold j.j. barea for 100k and was wondering if there any other cards like that.


Damn someones desperate. I copped him for like 5k

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I got him for 25k this morning felt great!

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Ostertag was the most expensive one I had to purchase at 38k

Mark Madsen cost me 30k

Damn. Nice.

I’ve always wondered how many of those 100K listings actually sell.


Don’t think too hard. Lol

Either people price fixing or dumb buyers :rofl:

There are some emeralds that go for a lot as well.

Markedly more of a buyer’s market this past week than the week before.

I threw a Jazz C.J Miles card up for 500 bid last week and some moron bought it for 140K. Now he’s going for 30-35K. Unreal how much some of these are worth.


5k and 25k . Man y’all make me feel lucky. I put it up last night and seen it sold for 100k and fell out my chair. Forget coffee when I saw that I instantly woke up and redeem before a glitch happen. I know somebody sold one for 240k I think last week on here and I was like I need to get that card somehow. I didn’t get 240k but was happy to get 100k for a card that should of been 5k.

Damnnn somebody must of really been feining them 3k tokens :rofl:

Gold J.J. Barrea.
The gatekeeper to limited Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

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I was coming up today. Got hoi for 15k

Glad that was .wish I had another one. I was going to wait and sell but I’m glad I didn’t people putting the card on the auction house for cheaper

Ya new players pulling throwback elites isn’t helping.
JJ still more expensive than some opals.

Yea , what help me is that I didn’t play the team games and I redeem the packs at the end hoping to get a expensive card.

i got mine for that too he was constantly 80-100

Xbox is cheap af

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