Are the pack odds still good?

I feel like opening a Lebron pack but my odds this year has been really bad, worth risking ?

I pulled 2 98 Bron’s, 2 amethyst wades and a diamond contract about 20 minutes ago

Is that a box or singles ?

I bought 200k vc last night $50 for a bron box n got 95 Bron trolled… waste of money

Don’t feel bad even worse I opened a 10 and got all fucking Ruby’s. Not one amethyst shit was ridiculous. The only thing keeping me from crying is ill be getting KP tomorrow. Lol

I’m getting porzingis but I’m disappointed because he’s exactly the same as amethyst

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Yea he’s underwhelming I’m almost bottomed out in mt though. Not spending anymore money this year and he’s free so I’ll take it. The strength and defensive upgrade is nice

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He will rot on my bench. I was so pissed. All that grinding for a card I already have

I think any boost to KP is a good boost considering how OP his ruby is.

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Honestly was any round or season reward card worth the grind this year? You play 200 games burning up contracts and shoes for a card worth maybe 60k at best that you can’t even sell… obviously a Pd kristaps would be worth a lot more even if the card is almost the same as the amethyst. Most of the big spenders will find a way to justify the 500k upgrade over a previous card even if the diamond has better badging

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Debuscher was good. DeAndre was good. That’s about it. This porzingis tho is the worst of them all because of the fact that he’s legit the same card. It’s like, the grind and time put in for a card we THOUGHT would be elite is all for nothing