"Are The Lakers Really WORLD Champions?" -Chael Sonnen

I know we have a lot of MMA fans on this forum so this is a pretty funny take that we can appreciate for how ridiculously out of his lane Chael is here.

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This man has spent his whole life getting hit on the head, saying stupid shit like this isnt surprising


Yeah that’s what I tell people when they bring up UFC fighter’s politics to me since they’ve been very vocal recently

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The definition of “doing it for the views”.

In this case that would require more self awareness than I think Chael has right now. I think he was speaking honestly and just had nobody to check him. Thats the problem with some of these podcasts where people just talk to the camera and nobody can check their takes.

True. I always thought he was good at selling fights. Maybe thought this was another attempt to get his name brought back up again.

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Nah I think he pumps out too much content and this isn’t even a video thats been clicked on a lot. He was good at selling fights but he wasnt great at acting lol. You could always tell what he was doing. His name is more relevant when he talks about the UFC or MMA in general anyways since he actually has insight that the average guy wouldnt over there.

Chael needs to shut the fuck up before I give a certain 6’4 Undefeated Skinny-Legged Heavyweight a call

Who’s this again ? Never heard of him

One of the MMA greats from the golden era

I swear people talk anything today because of boredom lol

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Yeah pretty much lol

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But this is funny because its like a conversation you would have with a friend that didnt watch basketball and was critical of it but there is no retort to correct them. Its like a sleep paralysis thing. I just want him to shut up but he cant hear me lol.

No the definition on world champion for basketball is just winning the finals of the best basketball league in the world, and they didn’t do that :roll_eyes:

The single greatest mma fighter of all time. Never lost a fight. Matter affact, he never lost a round.


Its a fine line where if you were watching before the McGregor boom you definitely know who Chael is but most people starting watching around when McGregor started making headlines.

I only used to watch Jon jones haven’t watched ufc for ages

If you watched Jon Jones you should know who Chael is lol. He is the guy Jon Jones wouldnt take to fight Henderson on replacement and was one of the biggest names in the sport at the time. Did the Anderson Silva callout. You might not remember his name but if you were watching then you definitely heard about him. He has this level of confidence that is kind of funny to the observer.

It is strange that a league that has teams in only two countries calls its championship team world champion, but I get it, almost all of the best players in the world play in that league

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Im the opposite lol. I stopped following UFC during McGregor era. It’s become more mouth talking than actual fighting, pre game hype did not deliver to intensity of fight :man_shrugging:t2:

Chael S though is a tv personality if people look for him to formulate a strong opinion on basketball then there is something wrong with their thought process