Are some jerseys missing from myteam?

Kinda a dumb thing to make a thread about but I’m curious if anyone has the red statement sixers jerseys? I’ve looked every time in the AH but haven’t ever seen them up there, anyone else notice any jerseys in the collection but never for sale?

I’ve collected almost all of the jerseys and I’m still missing this one too. Ive never seen it on the auction house. I think there are a few more like this too.

There is legit like 8 jerseys not in the game i swear. I collected all but 8 jerseys in the game and i never once saw that 76ers jersey

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I had that one. I think I bought it for 800MT BIN, and sold it on bid for 1.5k. There were about 4 others up on PS4 at the time I bought it… around a week ago or so.


are the spurs jerseys with this logo in the game, i have the logo and arena but cant find the jersey

Yeah, but for like 5k or something on PS4… I skipped that one lol.

some of thhe jersey will show up under another team. like once i search lakers home jerseys and saw a 6ers one

I’m on Xbox and haven’t seen them yet. If they show up under another team and someone finds out which team lemme know in this thread, thanks

I just scrolled through all the away jerseys for sale and didn’t see it so maybe it’s just really rare. Another Jersey I haven’t seen in the yellow Sonics jerseys, I’d love to get those

Their not in the game im missing about 7 or 8 of the jerseys aswell the same ones everyone else is missing im 200 cards from PD cwebb so hopefully they put them in the game soon