Are some auctions HIDDEN? Why are my cards selling for so low

Posted my GOAT Magic to end at 1:15am EST, there was one ending 30min before me (12:45am) and one ending 20min after me (1:35am)…

– the one 30min before me goes for 1.3 mil…

– Mine sells for 865k, damn near 500k less

– Then the one 20 min after me just sold right now for 1,309,950…

what tf is going on? can ppl not see my auction… am I missing something? Similar thing happened with my TO giannis where the one 10min before and 10min after me sold for 150k more…

anybody else get this bs?

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Haven’t sold cards so expensive but I have seen it when an auction is ending and the price is say, 136k. The very next card (same card) ends 30 min later and 100k flat with no bids. Sometimes 2 people want the same card right now, not wait 30 minutes, maybe they want it with a specific shoe and are willing to pay a little more. How were the differences in contracts/shoes between them?

Honestly I’ve started to believe that the China farms bid up their own cards and don’t touch other people’s, and just eat the loss if they end up winning theirs.

I believe this because sooo often I’ll have my card up, it’ll be 250k with diamond contract and shoe and 5 minutes left, and then the next 4 cards after it will already be at 300k+ with 30 minutes left and no diamond consumables on them. You’ll see this with other cards too, with randomly a bunch of cards AFTER the most recent one with the same exact max bid that is above the one ending soonest


both the one before and after me had a diamond contract & shoe (non 3pt + useless shoe since magic is damn near 99 everything)… mine had a diamond contract… i know this could happen when there are a bunch of cards up, but theres under 10 magics on the auction house… for the one before and after me sell for 1.3 mil and mine for 865k seems sketchy af… so heated r n

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thats what i was thinking… something to do with china

You’re selling at the wrong time. Midnight for BIN cards, noon for bids over 100K.