Are Point Guards (besides Magic) obsolete at this point?

I have been using Diamond Curry and I absolutely love the card. But every time I run into a god squad they always have someone like Giannis, AK47, Magic. I used Oscar one time against Magic and Giannis and they absolutely torched me. Is 4 SF’s then a Center the wave rn like last year??


The statement I would make would be small players at point arent effective right now.

I played the youtuber Jake Mason and this dude had Paul George and Lebron at the 1 and 2! Even these youtubers are cheesing!! (Granted he quit after skunking me cause he already had LJ) but I was still pressed.


It sucks cause I love guys like Curry, Oscar, Etc. its like if they aren’t 6’6 or taller then dont use them.

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I still run stockton at the point and have been winning most of my games. Not everyone is great with magic, point forwards at pg.


Curry and oscar are definitely not bad though. Curry works because he can give up 2 but make 3. Oscar is also not small and does it all.

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Yeah Oscar ain’t small by any stretch

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I run those small ball players at the 2 so they are playing off ball. Thats their strength they are faster then the big boys. So get them running. Big dudes are gunna hit those screens. Easy buckets. And he barely touches the ball. Having them as the primary handler is scary. Having magic or oscar as options on the floor at the same time is ideal

Oscar’s definitely too small to guard post up threats like Magic and Melo. Many Oscars have tried to defend my diamond Melo in the post (especially since the price crash on elite throwbacks), and none have succeeded. He’s one of those cards like Manu and Grant Hill that a lot of people have in their starting lineup but usually end up benching by halftime after getting repeatedly abused in the post.

It’s always going to be the wave until 2K adds position restrictions to MyTeam.

The community has to keep pressuring 2K to change their system if we ever want to use any real PG cards at PG besides Magic and Penny.