Are people in the US this dumb or what?

I mean WTF? Is this normal? Or this woman is dumb as fuck?

What’s wrong with the food in the US? Lmao I’ve been seeing this kind of repulsive things like this in tiktok that blown my mind. I can’t believe it :joy:

No offense to anybody though, but what do you think? I’m very curious to hear u guys

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as a US citizen… yes…yes we are


welcome to Murica you commie


Am I the only one that can’t open the video


Nope, I can’t open it either


I think it’s a fake thing


No I’m hitting the actual play button but I can’t play it

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The play button is pixelated as fuck

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I can’t play the video for some reason

waa this intentional?

its just a photo

lmaooo screenshotting a video

Oh it’s a tiktok video, try this:

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Yea I think so lol look at the play button

Nice try OP but yes Americans are dumb

oh ive seen the video. this girl makes some gross looking ass mashed poatose with chips

You know I thought by the title this would get locked right away… then I seen it’s people cooking chips…
Fun fact this is learned from people in prison making “potatoes”
Carry on

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ya want an example of how dumb some americans are

Lazy as hell how hard is it to mash a damn potato

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This me after my girl cooks mashed potatoes from chips


If someone busts this bullshit out at thanksgiving disown me