Are PD Bird and PD Magic nerfed

Not equalized, but nerfed. I assumed since 2k has been releasing these free cards, they’ve been nerfing their abilities. I finally decided to buy PD Kat and I can say that dude didn’t get nerfed.

Really want bird, but I want him to play like a 4350 attribute card.

I did notice base cards from locker codes don’t play to their level

They felt so nerfed to me I sold them both. Plus everybody has them. It’s no fun.


PD Bird knocks down 3s for me at 65 percent. I shoot mostly open 3s with him off plays, but he knocks down contested 3s a lot too. No other players hits down so many as he does for me.

I ran the diamond bird for 150 games or so and this one doesn’t feel that much better but definitely not worse

Pd bird from what I’ve seen definitely isn’t he’s torn me up every time I’ve played against him

Yeah I don’t think I play SM enough anymore . I played 70 games this season (not counting sub glitches, disconnects and placement games)

I mostly just play friendlies cause offline is so boring

No! Both kick ass.

2k doesn’t nerf cards lmao. Cards can get power crept though

They play the same, but they are like Ruby Penny and Diamond Wes in October-they’re everywhere,like Pokemones.

Yesterday I played a kid who’s had 12 Pink Diamonds…and he can’t play at all.

Yeah I understand seeing him alot, but luckily I don’t play too much SM. It’s expected to see him alot but hopefully I make their bird look stupid.

I pulled the trigger and seems like he will be a upgrade over KD. I now have no defensive worries because bird can guard PFS and play SF while Giannis can do the opposite. I slapped a +9 swb shoe on him so I’m optimistic. Thinking about replacing Shaq with Hakeem and moving towns to the bench and Shaq out the rotation.