Are NBA going to be shutdown again due to Covid?

My prediction is that they are going to have to shorted the season and play playoffs again in a bubble. Because this contact tracing were players are not even covid positive and are being taken out can’t happened in the playoffs. They are having a board of governors meeting tomorrow.

Playoffs start in may i think, I see no way covid cases aren’t way down by then, but would hear you out if you think otherwise. Vaccine roll out hasn’t been as good as expected, but would think will improve soon due to trial by error

If you have kept up on NBA news the last week it have been a shiitshow nearly every team have 4-6 players out due to being positive or contact tracing.

I would not be surprised if they do, they have had 4 cancellations in less than a month, maybe they could get a vaccine for the players but I don’t expect that for a month or so.

The teams need to take better care of their players


They are looking at changing the protocols which would prevent the risk but also reduce the threshold and allow them to play.

That said…I think it is inevitable that they shut down. USA covid is out of control

If you think about it they go home every day to their own homes when they play at home and interact with other people. This was not the case in the bubble of course, just roam around in a hotel and some Disney park.

I think the entire league will probably be inoculated by the time the playoffs roll around.

I think it’s a wrap because of this new strain. I hope I’m wrong, but unless they switch to a bubble mid-season I don’t see this one finishing up at least not without a big gap like last year.

The UFC should get all the credit in the world but they do not

Operated as usual, just without fans, throughout the entirety of the pandemic without almost ANY spread or issues


“As usual”

Having days of quarantine both after arriving to the location of the fight, as well as after weigh ins. Having testing multiple times leading up to the fight. Allowing each person only two hotel rooms to keep their trainer & coach in with them.

A lot easier to manage a hand full of people every month than entire teams every day.


I am big MMA and UFC fan but just look how they operate every event is like a bubble whole different game when you travel to meet different teams. UFC is like NBA was in Orlando when you enter the event everybody is tested and then enter the mini bubble.

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I never compared the two. I’m js they don’t get enough credit. They were clearly the best at conducting business through COVID. So precise and put on entertainment for millions of bored ass folk like me

Deserves a huge nod


True that.

On a note to others in the thread as well.

Speaking for PA specifically, we should have the vaccine distributing to the public by March if all goes well. Health care should be mostly vaccinated by mid February, at which point it will become available to the general public. Not sure how other states are doing, but there’s some hope coming.

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My thoughts are this:

No they won’t because they likely would either make it happen this way: (A) They make the players play again in the bubble or

(B) They wait for all players to get tested negative until resuming and shorten the season.

Try Ireland, highest covid rate in the world :confused:

That sucks man. I’m guessing you are in full lockdown though, USA seem to be BAU. I’m very lucky here, normal life, no community transmission so no restrictions

Aka stop the league.

Makes no sense why they are even playing besides $$$

Total lockdown, barely any people outside.

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Yes, but the NBA, team franchise owners, and players and staff all want to play…for the money.

Players don’t have to play if they don’t want to. But then they don’t get to make their contracted salary. Same with team staff.

This is the case with countless private business across the country.