Are filters broken?

No jokes about the switch please, genuinely asking.

i cant even get normal buyout filter to work, it shows me 70k bid (no buyout) diamond OG when i put diamond max buyout 15k filter, whos even gonna buy that

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Hm never heard of this. Lemme check it it out.

yea nv happened this way before, not even in 2k19

There’s a few OGs on buyout rn for 55-60k but it is weird how the inflated bids are popping up as well.

It’s possible that filters for sims might be glitched but I’m not sure since all filters are working fine for me. Sim moments are weird on Switch since very little people rip those packs anymore.

That enabled filter barely works

t was working pretty well for me, i guess less people on the switch, but now it doesnt even work on disabled

this is what I’m getting on diamond max buyout 15k disabled filter. note luka on the left and OG on the right

I was going to mention, even tho I’ve only been playing for not even 2 days the majority of my time has been spent working the market and a lot of the filters don’t seem to work. Especially for the evo cards

That is strange. I don’t typically use the diamond filters, but what helps getting rid of the bid only cards is to set the minimum buyout to 500. It’s typically what I do if I’m sniping on the Amy, PD, or Opal filter.

Hey guys i’m new here, came here to say that something similar is happening on PC. on pc galaxy opals are dissapearing for me after i bid on them and i get outbid…after that i search for the same card and it’s no longer there…there’s like almost no bids ending at the same time… there’s like a 10 minute average diference between cards on alot of filters on PC and that never happened before…

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Was the same PS4 for diamond shoes yesterday, I was putting in a BIN for example 10k required to make them show up and then having to scroll to get them for 8k. But if I put BIN 9k the 8k shoes would not show up.

It’s brokeeee. Fuck and I put up my opal Donovan and porz :triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph:

Its like tjise since forever

You know what’s funny in the switch AH? Only trae and caruso show up in the AH. It’s like a 2k employee is sabotaging the AH and only making those cards he doesn’t like appear. The rest he takes for himself. Lol

Same on pc, I can only find caruso, young ,ball and AI
No other opal, searched for everyone and nothing

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Looks like someone wants all the good stuff to themselves.

WTF? Just one Clyde and no Blake on the PC auction house.

Not sure if there’s an issue on ps4 too or someone just bought all the trea youngs and caruso BIN. :joy:

Damn I was just wondering about this on PC. The only Opals in the AH are Lonzo, Trae, Caruso, and AI

Still happening on PC