Are Celtics in shambles?

Is Ainge over his head Celtics pick treasure chest turned out to be a big dud. He let both Horford and Hayward walk, which is perfectly understandable given how much they got paid, but he got no replacements for these (Tristan Thompson big lol there).

Then he basically swapped Rozier for Kemba, with the latter being either broken or underperforming and Rozier looking great and being way younger.

The only upside to this team is that Pritchard and Time Lord got some nice upside, because Tatum and Brown just are NOT enough on their own in the very improved East conference.

All I know is that in a few years, once SGA, Bazely, Dort, and Poku mature, we’re going to have our treasure chest ready to lure in stars

Presti ain’t Ainge :sunglasses:

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You had kd russ harden and ibaka and didn’t win shit , don’t think that sga and picks will be better


They were babies when they went up against the heat

Harden coming off the bench would have never become the harden today

Before curry changed the game, OKC refused to play Ibaka at the 5, imagine that, prime Ibaka at the 5, but instead they locked in with Perk at the 5

Besides, we are technically a successful franchise; making playoffs numerous times, it’s a new era for OKC

But in comparison to the Celtics ??? Ainge had all those picks and just stayed put. Ainge is known to not gamble. You could say Horford and Hayward were a gamble but those were desperate moves. All that value but never had a proper plan

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Hawks and the Hornets are the future. Bucks, Nets and Heat are true contenders and Celtics are just there. It will take a monumental leap for Brown and Tatum for them to go to next level. Losing both Horford and Hayward is just too much.

Time Lord needs to play as much as he can (within reason) , because both Tristan and Theis are just buns.

Agree with you on Hawks. Seems to be becoming a solid young team. However, Rozier is not in any way better than Kemba. Rozier is just a worse Westbrook. Also, Theis is absolutely a usable and valuable piece on a well-rounded team. He fits the needs of a modern team but he’ll never become a great player. Everybody can not be all-star caliber, some are just specialists.

Theis is just okay and losing Horford who could do sooo many different things hurts like B same way for Hayward, it’s just Celtics losing a whole lot of talent 2 years in a row and not sure if their players got that much better to recoup the losses or even get better as a team while other teams are getting better.

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Shit before all of that he let Kyrie walk for nothing.

I think at this point everything is on the Tatum/Brown duo. They will go as far as those 2.


y’all lost scary terry, Kyrie, Hayward, and Horford within 2 years

Ainge fucked up with Myles Turner - Hayward trade. Was too greedy so he ended up with Tristan Thompson lol Turner would be a perfect fit.


Ainge being too greedy is a constant Celtics theme.


Tatum & Brown are gonna rule the NBA 3 years from now if they stick together.

Ainge fucked up big time though with Hayward. They’ve paid him big time and basically did almost nothing in return. They should’ve traded him long ago. They desperately need a shot blocking big and Turner was on the table at some point.

Both Theis and Thompson are nice back up centers, but they don’t have starters quality. Teague is nice and Longford has some upside too.

Kemba has been injuried recently and that’s kinda sad.

Imo Hayward killed this team that had such big a big promise. Killed their cap space and then basically left for nothing. Ainge should be held accountable for that.

Time Lord got loads of upside, i think he can be huge at C for Celtics with his non stop energy.

Yeah, but he is a little undersized at 6’8

Rodman and Draymon are like 6’7. I think his perfectly fine with how big and strong he is + crazy leaping ability.

Every time I see or hear this nickname it makes me laugh :rofl:

Best nickname ever.

Kd was 24, Russ was 23, Harden was 22 and Ibaka was 23, they played Prime Lebron and Wade and Bosh, I don’t think anyone in the league could have beaten that Heat team, 2016 had no Harden and ran into Prime Curry, KD was in his prime too and Russ was at the start, and I think the Harden trade made sense at the time, they thought Kevin Martin would be the same as Harden a pretty good 6th man, and they thought that the Rockets would be bad, and Kevin Martin wasn’t great but the 1st turned into Steven Adams and i think that at the time it was an ok trade.