Are any of the limited edition cards worth it?

I gotta start off with saying that card art this year is :fire:. They did a great job and playing into the mindset/appreciation of a card collector for sure. With that being said, I recently started my way back into myteam and I’m kinda not sure where to start. I ended up pulling a few packs and got extremely lucky. Ended up using some MT to pick up PD pierce at 100k which i still think is a decent price. Should I sell him? Or are other cards at this point much better for their worth. Any tips would be apprecaited.

IMO Pierce is not it - even at 100k. For an SF and assuming he’s around 100k I’d go for Grant Hill. Tobias Harris is definitely cheaper than 100k and better, though probably a more natural PF than an SF.

Too many PDs carry a hefty gem-tier tax still and though many PDs are a tier above the best diamonds, they’re all (still overprice) more than 100k MT.

I’d look to get the top tier diamonds like the aforementioned Grant Hill, Tobias Harris, as well as Myles Turner, Isiah Thomas, Jaylen Brown, Kobe Dikembe - all S or high A tier at their positions. (though I’ll admit I don’t know if all of these are BIN - though I’m sure they will be on Thursday night if not now)

There’s also a great batch of Amethysts lately for a more budget friendly approach but in my opinion none of them touch the high tier diamonds

If you like Pierce though, all the power to you.

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Awesome. thanks for this. What’s your team looking like this year? Happy with the roster so far? Seems like 2K has done a good job so far. Is there any way to set your coaching settings once and for all? I keep having to redo it each gane.

I’m by far not an expert when it comes to settings but as far as I know you have to set them every game. it’s funny ho ingrained my muscle memory is for putting smother-all/deny, etc + my freelances lol.

I’m really happy with my roster so far, but I’ll admit I’ve over-indulged on packs. The plus side is I’ve tried pretty much every card worth playing. My personal favorite cards so far this year if I could only say 3 would be Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant, & Dwight (really any uber-athletic rim protector, he’s just my current fav - the shot blocking is so enjoyable this year)