Are 2k players too lazy to learn plays?

Its really fascinating how people DO NOT want to run plays. Just played some dude who had Finley and he had 24 pts starting 4th Quarter, he was getting CHOCKED to death, he ran like 1 play 3 times, obvious easy to figure it out. Non the less, there so many AMAZING plays, that give TONS of options, i learn more and more every day which makes me much harder to defend. Look at Madden people ALL OVER youtube searching for their plays, i mean everything is right here for NBA folks but they still just want to exploit glitches that arent there yet (or arent discovered yet) and just bulldoze into the paint with blow bys that arent effective (at least with these non OP cards). So the question is, i see a lot of casual blaming game being catered too much to SIM players, but maybe you should learn at least FEW plays, how hard is that? People just want to be rewarded without putting ANY effort.


I’ll be very honest with you, i run only plays somebody suggest me to learn… mostly youtube vids.

Simply not enough time to try all the plays by myself to figure out which ones are effective and which not… so if you want i’d be happy to hear what plays you’re running mate :smile:

Personally I don’t like running plays the whole entire game but they are useful more of a PnR type of guy. I think 2K should improve AI Defense on plays because most AI just look stupid trying to guard it.

Well you’re still running some, so that’s that. Most people just look for ways to exploit it and use same exploit over and over again. The amount of people that actually ran plays against me in 2k18 would be under 20 in thousands of games. Hopefully people pick it up and make it more interesting.


There’s a really nice quick-set play that lets you get open threes with a player that doesn’t have three point plays. Either the guy you call the play for has an open cut to the basket or the off-ball screener will peel back for an open three. It’s definitely my favorite go to play. When I get back from work, I will let anyone know what play it is if interested. I think it’s quick 3 elevator but you have to watch the pick action so you don’t turn it over.


Just pick one playbook, go to scrimmage mode instead of one normal game.Go play by play to find out what you like.
You can even try every play multiple times, also without finishing as there is no shot clock.

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People want things way too easily. It’s not the topic of the thread and I know absolutely 0 about society, but I think videogames favored this mindset in society. I mean, 10 years ago when I was a teen and I wanted to learn a new ball move I had to go to the court and practice it for months. Now a teen just goes into 2K myCareer, scans his own face, and has his double who can learn new moves in a blink just by purchasing them with VC.

That to say people aren’t in the mindset of earning results and victories in my opinion.

I wonder why plays are so hated: real NBA games’ half court offenses, for an average team, are split around of like 20% to 35% pick&roll action, 20% to 30% of iso, and I would say 50%-ish of plays or similar (freelance, organized actions).
That said, why do people want to run P&R and iso all the time?

End note: I love that they looked at sim ballers and wanted to push people like real basketball again. Last year’s gameplay was unbearable.


I said the same thing man. Its amazing to me how many people don’t play the game with any real strategy behind it.

The IQ in the 2K community is just so low. If you look at Madden for example, if you want to be a top player you have to spend hours in practice mode labbing different schemes and how to adjust to certain things. 2K however for years let people get by with just mindless basketball. I can understand that people just want to freestyle and have fun…but thats what you have the PARK for. If you want to play the NBA 5 on 5 modes you should have to play real basketball and we finally have that this year.

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Yes. Plays take IQ people don’t wanna learn to read and react. That’s why I try to make schemes to show people it’s not hard and makes playing eaiser for you, because you know what your outcomes can be. And to be completely honest plays this year are OP… So if people don’t wanna learn plays GG.

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I run plays the whole game and then get nasty messages in my inbox calling me a cheeser and can’t win without plays :joy: . The 2k community is so toxic man I swear.


Lmao but what about the guys who run the same play over and over and over. I mean I get it it’s my fault if I cant stop the play, but damn after a certain point u see what is coming before it comes and does it become cheese. I’m seriously asking an honest question here

I see your point, but if you aren’t able to pick up on the play after the 3rd or 4th time its run than its on you. Any 3pt play you should be able to icon switch to the nearest defender of the spot on the floor the shooter will be to contest.

Also, there are plenty of defensive settings that can be adjusted on the fly as well. But the average user is just lazy I think and doesnt want to constantly be cycling through settings and plays, which I understand but people are going to do anything they can to find an advantage. If you queue up a game of supermax expecting it to be a friendly game of back and forth no settings and no plays then you are going in with the wrong expectations.

Side Note: I’m really curious to see what the meta looks like during the $250k tournament qualifiers. It’s going to be ruthless out there.