Apparently protestors blocked an NBA Media Bus (BLM)

Not sure what to make of this but it seems like it doesn’t compromise the “Bubble?”


Video #2:

Credit to @Daveon_Windley

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Wat the bus driver do



Nah the Protestor is a Kawhi fan.

The Bus driver must be wearing an anti-Kawhi shirt.

Totally justifiable


Maybe it’s just me, but that guy certainly doesn’t look like the type to support black lives matter. He looks closer to a guy having a confederate flag on the back of his pickup.

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being honest, what is blocking this media bus gonna do?

never understood stopping traffic, now it’s on the news but not shed in a good light lol


BLM is the best thing to happen to Trump.

Every normal person seeing this burning, looting and so on and just nopes out of even considering the left.

4 more years.

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Nothing will change in America it’s the most racist country run by racist “leaders”

I don’t think it’s the most racist country that’s a little much haha :sweat_smile: white ppl are just more in power cus there’s more em, which would kinda be the same if I moved to like Uganda…I wouldn’t really be represented much lol

Also I’m not white or black js :joy::joy::joy: