Apparently ESPN is holding a special of “The Decision” Tonight at 9pm EST

It’s a 1 hour special and I just found out about it today so I’m looking forward to watching it.

Hopefully the special shows how the Cavs lost Boozer, Dejuan Wagner’s body broke down, couldn’t grab free agents like a Michael Redd/Ray Allen and ended up with Hughes, and passed up a deal to grab Amare because JJ Hickson was in the deal.

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People actually get mad at Lebron for leaving lol . The Cavs organization was always bad people like to joke about MJ played vs Plummer’s well Lebron was actually playing with them on his team :skull_and_crossbones:.

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Wrong about JJ Hickson and Amare. This stupid rumor keeps getting passed around.

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I dont think people were mad at LeBron for leaving but just the way he did it. When it happened i didn’t have internet access for about 3 days, checked and saw him Wade and Bosh standing together and I was happy AF for him. Then I saw the decision and it kinda rubbed me the wrong way.


People where definitely mad and say he never did it on his own had to form a super team .mostly ignorant people who don’t know how basketball as a sport works but still . Funny thing is the proceeds of that special was for charity , so I mean yeah let’s really hold that against him but in all honesty I get it I wasn’t the biggest fan of that either.

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That’s exactly what I had a problem with too. He absolutely had every right to leave, and Cleveland’s moves gave him every reason to leave, I just didn’t like how he destroyed that team. I know PG13 isn’t on that level, but I gained respect for him through his trade requests. If I remember right, the decision happened after most of the Cavs’ other free agent options were gone too, so it guaranteed they’d fall apart completely.

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Lol all I gotta say is that the decision was one of the best things to happen for the Mavs franchise. We got a ring out of that year and also saw one of the great finals in 2013 between the Heat and Spurs

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He had a time slot on espn to tell ppl he’s going to Miami. Ego out of control.


Nah. Not going to Miami. “Taking my talents to South Beach.” hahaha

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Ok then the Amare trade offer was legit though right?

I’m fine with “The Decision”

But Kobe played with Smush Parker and Kwame Brown for YEARS in the starting lineup.

Yet still got more rings than a guy who left his team in shambles to form 3 different super teams.

:man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:


Kobe carrying that Lakers team anywhere near the playoffs deserved MVP that year. Wasn’t Chris Mihm 4th leading scorer on the team?

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Kobe demanded a trade in 2007 specifically BECAUSE he didn’t wanna play with bums.

The difference is, the lakers organization had the front office leverage to make moves for players that eventually would win them titles.

Let’s not fucking pretend Kobe enjoyed playing with kwame brown and smush Parker, he was ready to fuck the lakers until some ppl talked him down off the ledge.


People only remember what they wanna remember honestly at this point I just ignore half the Lebron slander I hear on here :joy:.

Lakers front office was in shambles and our team was trash.

Nobody likes playing with bums. You don’t think Kobe Bryant could have called up 2 buddies and made a super squad somewhere?

He demanded a trade because that’s what every player threatens when you want change lol.

No, he couldn’t have because he just resigned his contract in 2004. Had he not resigned that deal then maybe.

Kobe never let himself have the freedom to create a super team due to his contract situation. Almost never touched free agency to allow these moves to take place.

And there’s nothing wrong with that imo. Kawhi, PG13, LeBron, AD, KD, Kyrie, and more do this anymore just to win rings. The thing is LeBron was arguably the first to take “control” of his own career.

Bron da Goat

Oh yeah, because contracts have ALWAYS stopped trades from happening before.

I get why he left to cleavland but why did LBJ leave Miami? They are a great franchise.

You’re telling me no free agents would have come eventually after a year to figure it out?

He bailed and jumped ship to form a new super team.

I will give Gilbert credit for where credit was due, he sucked up his ego and tried his best along with David Griffin to build a contender around LeBron