Apparently 2K is randomly handing out Series 3 KG?


Man.they are just fuckin up big time

His release has Been ass so I wouldn’t worry about that

Lmao 40 overall all F’s

Lol wonder if the person can sell it haha

badass card art. must cop for me

I’ll be copping too. I loved him in our fantasy draft league last year

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What in the actual fuck is goin on at 2k


First GO Giannis, then Domination Curry now this. 2k never gonna get they shit together

its 40 overall wait till they update that card it would be beastly

Gonna have to wait a while though

That’s fine he may be the first pd also the first 5 will sell for 500k

KG will be a taller Ben Wallace with post moves and a 93+ middy

Aka way better lol wallace garbo

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yea lol before they release packs you can sell him straight away big MT right there

Knowing 2K and it being that late in the game, he’s gonna have an 85 3 too.

Never said he wasn’t I was pointing out that the KG will be good. Your comment is irrelevant

Dam bruh u defensive as hell I was just adding on to what u said