Anyway to upgrade this team more realistically

A lot of ways. The first way is to get GO Shaq, you’ll have Paul George from the collection so add him in too.

I don’t have 900K MT lmao

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Then add your parameters to your post. No one knows what you’re working with.


Would u switch KG with Kirilenko? Or play cousins at PF and use Hakeem on the bench at center?

Definitely don’t take out KG. He’s the best PF in the game.

Should I sell LeBron and play Melo at the SF since I can’t sell him?
And then sell Opal Oscar and use PD.
That’ll give like 130K MT.
I got Jaylen Brown and Cousins in my collection

I’d say sell Pascal and use AD at backup PF. Then use the MT to get a new Center.

Sell PG asap