Anyone willing to PS4 Gameshare 2K20 to me? πŸ˜‡

Our city has been locked down for a month or so, because of COVID-19.

No Work and No School. Only Self-Quarantine.

Figure I could play/download Games.

I don’t have PS Plus So Gonna Play MyGM.

Been Playing 2K19 myGM Too.

Much Appreciated :innocent::pray:


You don’t wanna play MyTeam?

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Hahaha i don’t wanna buy PS Plus.

It’s quite expensive.

I’ll buy a 12-month worth together with 2K21 so it will expire the same time.


what is game share?

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Like you log in the account of your friend and download a game from his library to your library

Start a new account with a free trial of ps plus

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Wow that’s a good one bro!
I’ll try it!

Good luck

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can you gameshare 2k20

can you gameshare 2k20??