Anyone willing to help jumpstart my team? Haven’t played in months

PS4, I’m sitting on 315 MT, 2,400 VC, and 13 tokens. My team is PD Lillard from Clutch Time, PD Cliff Hagan, 91 Hondo, 93 Mikan, and nba 75 PD Tim Duncan.

Any tips on essential things to do would be nice too thanks :pray:

Mate list a couple of Amy’s for 100k BIN with a unique starting bid and let me know who they are. I’ve got 200k for ya.


Thanks bro! I’ll post em when I get on

Series 1 Damian Lillard, 42,750 bid, 100k

Dynamic Ratings Gobert, 58,150 bid, 100k



Got them mate:) enjoy!


I’ve been playing with that 75th Anniversary PD Kobe and he’s pretty nice for 4k mt. Last year, that PD Kobe was over 100k even though he sucked.

alright, since you got mt, find yourself a badged out bonga.

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Get Diamond Deni for around 1/2k. 6,9 PG beast


Go Jaylen, Go D’Angelo are great for their prices. Go Isaac, Dm Dray are must haves when u get more mt. Pd Klay is great for offline stuff. D Dani Avdija and Pd Josh Smith are also must haves for a good cheaper start.

Lance is one of the cheapest dribble gods & has a great, fun dunk package.

Im in a similar boat but I managed to pick up a 98 gilbert arenas for 8k with diamond contract and shoe

Is it an upgrade over the PD magic that was given for free (with the 5 PDs and the GO Jokic everyone got last month for new starters)

Yes that Jaylen is a beasttt

Surprised no one said Bob Pettit