Anyone wants to sell a pd wall with kyries? Ps4!

Searching for this card!

I have him and he is worth the search!

Do you want to sell him? Ahah

Sorry I can’t he’s too good!

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It was worth a try! I have the diamond with the red kyries and he is a beast, i can only imagine what the pd can do!!

I started with that same wall, imagine everything, but way better lol

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Ok, now i MUST find one!

I’m in the same boat! I wish I could transfer those kyries from my diamond wall to the PD!

Seen one for 69k the other day, bought him and flipped for 99k

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Buy pink diamond Ben Simmons and put him at pg :ok_hand:

Already have him with grey and yellow kobes, but i was thinking about switching him with a simmons with red kyries. What do you think?

I have Ben with infinite contract but I would advice you to buy LeBron 98 with red kyries and put him at pg too. Both play godly at pg for me💪

Wall is more fun to me than Simmons

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Ben is better at everything besides the 3 though.

I won’t argue that he is better statistically

I have more fun with wall without a doubt in my mind

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Plus I play little guys as pg

Everyone plays LeBron, Simmons etc at pg

That’s boring to me


But you got to defend the cheese :unamused:. In nba2k16 I played with dame and Westbrook in this mode you need small forwards at pg with dimer badge.

I just switch in defense settings

And wall is a hell of a defender so if I switch my 2 onto their point, wall can guard the 2 position very well

Not against a team like Ben kd ad Kat and Duncan. This is my anti cheese defensive line up😏

True but I have a lot of guys I can sub in and switch