Anyone wants to play Rec? XB1

I need 2 people to play Rec with. I’m a 89 PG overall Slashing Playmaker, and my friends is a SG Offensive Threat and a C Glass Cleaning Lockdown. Anyone down?

Im gonna have to make a PG soon

What PG builds you’re thinking on making?

Idk anything about whats comp tbis year tbh

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Hit me when I’m online & I’ll run with you

Also let’s hit 2s sometime

How’s badge progress on rec?

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It’s less than what you can earn MyCareer but more than you can make in Park. It’s like short easier MyCareer game

I’m a 6 5 offensive threat SG this year

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I just made a 7ft glass cleaning lockdown. Down to play some rec

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Oh wow. I’m surprised you ain’t make a post Scorer this year

What’s your gamertag?

Damn I guess everyone making centers, thought this would be a good build of need.

Maybe I need to make a wing or PG

I just played a game with my 6’6 Lock, 15, 5, 5, and 4 steals


How fast was your badge rep?

Centers are really good rn. Especially in the park

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Quick, attributes too

Yeah I’ve been able to carry awful players with build, just rebounds and drop steps

I just got sold cause my teammate wanna go 7 for 20, and blamed me when I went 3 for 5 smh

SG offensive threat 6’5

Let’s make a 2KG pro am team. If we have too many C’s I’ll make another build.