Anyone want the grey and yellow Kobes on a random player?

I just pulled a pair in a pack and I have 22k MT since I sold off my MT and my team lol. Anybody want those shoes on a player I can get for 22k or less? Or should I throw them on Eddie Jones and go to town?

Shoe boosts speed, speed with ball, off dribble 3, and a couple others I can’t remember.

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Dray :star_struck: That shoe is Nike btw.

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If I had enough for diamond Draymond I’d defintely put them on him.

I would probably buy a Steve Nash with those, but I’m sure you could find someone else to put them on to make a better profit.

i wouldnt mind that shoe on amy jeff green…

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I do

I want that shoe

Who you want it on

PlayStation right ?


If you’re xbone and put it on diamond Draymond, I’ll pay 100k

Noooooo ps4 :joy::joy::joy:

I’ll give you 100k for a player w that lol

Boris Diaw: ultimate fat boy pg

Ended up putting them on Draymond and gonna run him at the 3.

With Dray’s build, speed and defense, you’ll have no problem locking down any SF-PF, good choice.

I can’t believe he was 30k lol. I just went through my collection selling jerseys and other random shit and bought him and threw the shoes on him. He feels so fast though, his dribble moves are actually really good and can slam it down. Having fun with him.

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Come see me if you want 130k for it :sunglasses:

Whenever I sell him I’ll seek you out man.

I got 200k for him whenever