Anyone using that new Rodman?

I know most are not, but for those who are is he any good. I have a all bulls team and was thinking of picking him up.

If you have an all Bulls team I don’t care how good he is, he belongs on that team.

No because it’s May and that’s when 2k releases a Diamond Rodman.

Meanwhile we had PD Giannis in December.


Facts I was calling for this card months ago now they drop him and he would never make the squad


He’ll get a duo w either PD Pippen or PD MJ guaranteed. Scoop him now

So many undeserving cards have > 95 defensive ratings + the HOF defensive badges that it makes Rodman irrelevant since he doesn’t have the offensive ability that so many of those cheese fantasy cards with inflated defensive abilities have.


Seriously. Imagine if he was one of few cards who had 98 everything on defense… squads would look different and people would be willing to run him for the ELITE defense.

If the price is right, I’ll probably scoop up this card.

Rodman is the perfect player to put the usual 2K juice. They are not taking this oportunities.

I just played against him. He went 3/3 from downtown on me. 2 of which were contested pretty well. He was obviously lockdown on defense. Depending on the price the card seems pretty good from my limited time playing against him.

I picked one up for 18k on Xbox. His defense is great, but his shot is pretty slow. I ran him at the 2 just to see how he handled and he dished out several assists easily. I only played him for a handful of minutes simply because I have others in my lineup that are better. Really wish they would have given him a PD at this point. I ended up putting the Diamond Jordans (orange trim) that boost speed and stealing amongst other things.

I run pippen Jordan butler love pj brown and bench wade Crawford deng markannen gasol. Just not sure where to use Rodman.

Any suggestion on the best lineup possible for a all bulls team.

No bruiser, brick wall, pick dodger, mid-80s dunking. These are things 2k usually juices on Rodman cards. Makes me think we might get a 97-98 with a 3 in the 80’s and twice as many HoF badges. Who knows

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I think we still set a pd Rodman butler when rose drops

I think we’ll definitely get a Pd at some point.


Had they, at least, given him fantasy playmaking ability like they did with Bill Russell, I’d use this Worm as a super Draymond, like I did in 2K17.


Thats how I’m using him. I start him at pf but usually use him to guard sfs

PD Rodman with 15 HOF badges as the Rose sidekick along with Jimmy Butler

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