Anyone using Sapphire Shaq?

I picked him up this morning to try him ( on auction house to search him he’s glitched when searching hes apparently ruby)

Anyone liking the card so far ?

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Hes good. I’ve only used him offline though, and I think he has HOF Brick Wall lol

For some reason he gets outrebounded by emerald and gold centers on dom :pensive:

Dang I did see he had some HOF badges lol. I figured he’d be good so I bought him this morning

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Damn… and dom is very tough. thats why ive played a little and quit after a fading three from lillard

Not just Shaq. There’s seems to be a filter issue where some borderline overalls are showing as the wrong tier.

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Is his 78 stamina an issue? I remember his ruby last year had the same value for stamina and was tired after half a quarter…

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The auction house is really screwed up already and needs fixed. its like what 2k19 was at the end of the cycle .


He’s dominant if you’re good in the post

I’ve got Dawkins, shaq and Jokic and Jokic seems to have decent dunking from what ive seen in TTO lol

Hows jokic release? I got him this morning but can’t play until later, wondering if i should sell and use myles turner and Qi

its okay but i didnt like him that much last year. its not the worst lol

kinda have to try it for yourself i guess though to decide

If he is usable for pick and fade/ floppy then he’ll be worth it

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yeah its all based on preference for me. i kinda wanna get porzingis so ill be aiming to get him this weekend possibly

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I grabbed KP last night, seeing the weak PF landscape.

Might try and get Bird ASAP so he can be my other PF for now.

Or I guess Giannis, but people are already sagging off hard on non-shooters, so I dunno if I want to go the Giannis PF route.

im going to try for bird this weekend. I really want that card.

I lost my 1 MTU game last night, but it was my 2nd 5 on 5 game (and the first was on rookie). Once I got the hang of menus and stuff, I made a comeback in the 2nd half. Didn’t have quite enough time to catch up, but I feel confident that I can get it done today if I really bust my ass. Will probably play a few more offline games first to make sure I find the 4 freelances I like, and figure out my playbook situation, so I have a few go to plays.

i always struggle trying to run plays lmao

U should play with defensive centers at dom

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