Anyone using Fat Lever?

Card is nice :slight_smile: Gotta love Exum base too.

Don’t run 6’5” PGs or smaller 90% of the time anymore online, but he’s probably the best small PG I have

A lot of fun to use without doubt

Lever is a f***ing monster… just wish he had XP challenges

Smoked dudes who ran Hill and Simmons at point guard, i just switch matchups lol.

That works, he can guard the 6’6” and 6’7” guys very well, I just would hate to come across a Simmons/KD duo or something like that lol

That Exum base is superb too, loved it on Jamison and love it on Fat (haven’t used Luka)

Can just put on a lot of SF’s as long as its not Bron or something, in general i havent had problems with him and that base is so green.


Lever is the best "small’ PG in the game.

I got him when GH and Luka was in my lineup. sooooooo