Anyone use diamond Magic, PD Marion?

I got Dirk and most of D Wade to go in series 1 spotlight. Not sure if it is worth the time and MT, won’t use Zo and probably not Magic…possibly Marion.

Should I skip these and just move to series 2? If Rick Barry wasn’t such a crap reward it would be an easy answer.

Marion is a bad-ass bitch

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He’d be one of the best cards, had they gave him clamps


Marion is very good if you don’t mind his jump shot but he will struggle a little on d against some guys. Magic is great even without clamps you can put him on a different defender but on offense his post hook is cheese as fuck. I would say magic is the 5th best pg in the game Baron, Rose, AI and Stockton are better but imo that is it

Think I will just do them both, a little worried about LeBrons card tanking while I’m doing Dirks spotlight. Havnt got the time to smash them out quick atm.

Almost irrelevant having all the best cards online, is way easier having 2-3 studs and the rest lower role players

Why is that?

Because I need 2-3 players that can create there own offence and defend, rest just need clamps and interior badges + 3pt range. Can go 12-0 with that.

Opal God squads pop frequently if I use all my best cards , nms so only pd’s and d’s and every game is hard

I’m thankful ppl are still doing spotlight I. Sold my LeBron this week so stack up for the upcoming drops. He sold for 188K, not sure if that is good, but I was happy with it.

180 Is great, was 140 on xb1 this afternoon and I didn’t want to do it, think a big crash is about to come