Anyone try the 97 Kidd and 98 Vince duo?

I came back to the game to try out some of the new duos, especially ones for cards I already have like 97 Kidd and 98 Vince. I think Kidd was an underrated card but he doesn’t get much of a boost from the duo. Vince on the other hand gets an enormous one, +241 total, mostly to defense and shooting. Kinda turns him into the SM reward PD Vince more or less.

Anyone try running this? I have better options than Kidd at PG but Vince was one of my favorite cards all year (one of my most effortless scorers) and I didn’t play much SM in the final season to get the PD

I ran it a couple games Kidd is meh, but his defense is solid. Vinsanity on the other hand is Amazing, he plays better than when he came out.

Duo Vince is better than the PD. Minus badges. Plus I have a defensive shoe that brings him to 4290 attributes. Kids is okay… I’m currently looking into 97 DMC and PD Wall. Gives DMC 98 three and 4319 attributes. May be the best Center in the game? I’ll have to use him first. Have Hakeem, Duncan and KAT. He looks beastly on paper, DMC with the duo…

PD Oscar and 97 Dirk is no joke either. Both combined have a + 400 attributes upgrade. And then Darymond Green. Have shoe grey and orange Nike’s on him. With the duo with curry, Draymond with the shoes goes up to 4416 attributes. Best shoe for Dray. Uses up all 45 points including his duo. Trick is how to hide Curry.

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Yeah that sounds cool but I don’t want Curry on the floor for me. I’d honestly rather run PD Bird at PG than Curry, lol. I have PD Oscar and Dirk as well, one of the reasons I came back to play MyTeam was that they finally introduced some DD’s for old cards. I ran it a bit but wasn’t thrilled with it. I just can’t win on the boards with Dirk despite a nice rebounding boost

PD Bird and McHale can get bird 97 swb hahahha mchale is already a clamp god

I have PTSD with Kidd’s jumper but I really want to pull a 360 with Vince… I found an amy T-Mac with contract last night, so I might get the amy Vince to pair with him.

Vince’s boosts are huge he becomes a sharpshooter with Kidd

I’m toying with the Tmac / Grant Hill combo, makes both PDs.

I was excited about the kidd VC duo but after trying it I think vc isn’t good enough on defense at this stage of the game and kidd’s Release is still an issue. Love the tmac and Hill duo on the other hand.