Anyone try out Opal Swaggy P?

Seems like a fun card to have. Anyone use him?

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Wet jumper, I locked the set so I said why not run him at the 2.

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I wish he had a duo with gilbert arenas


@Pedronqneves can tell you all about him :joy:

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i tried him out as i locked in the set and he’s a pretty fun card.
haas a good jumpshot but not great sigs. hes like kobe with a more consistent release

Yes hes a god.

One of the best cards

Someone embarrassed me with him in TTO earlier

, pro 2 sizeup
Long ass arms , tendos , fast jumper .

What ? He is Lamelo / curry / Shaq type of sizeup , the most used by comp in stage now
And a fast jumper Look at Nick mannnnn

is he better than kobe

Probably yes , just for his arms and tendencies He is .
On offense I prefer his sigs too , but Kobe still very good tho

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ok i might have to give him a bit moreof a try tonight

easiest jumper in the game

He should get a duo with opal d lo